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A Comprehensive Guide for COVID-19 Longhaulers and Physicians

From the COVID-19 Longhaulers Advocacy Project:

Our master document, A Comprehensive Guide for COVID-19 Longhaulers and Physicians, has been revamped and updated.

Read it here.

  1. Save the link. Updates automatically save to the google doc. If you save this as a file, you will not have the most up to date version when updates are made.

2. Email this to your physicians.

3. Print a copy for your medical binder (tried to shorten it). NOTE: There are a lot of embedded links in this document. Please review what they entail and if it is pertinent to your situation/ needs, print that document in the link to add. Some links are so small you cannot read them if printed off (made this way for formatting purposes).

4. Share to the other groups so that we can help other Longhaulers learn about Long Covid and teach them how to advocate for themselves and what to expect and look for.

5. Share to other groups so that researchers and physicians can also come across this document and hopefully draw valuable information from it to help their own patients, or trigger a research idea.

6. Viewing is better on a computer or iPhone w/ the Google docs app. Android users have formatting issues on their phones.

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