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Webinar: Pacing for Post-exertional Malaise (PEM/PESE)

By July 25, 2023August 24th, 2023Events & Webinars

From LCA partner Bateman Horne Center: Patients who have post-exertional malaise (PEM/PESE) generally benefit more from pacing and energy conservation than exercise-focused treatments. Pacing for PEM/PESE involves managing exertion to stay under the threshold that causes increased symptoms or post-exertional malaise. While pacing is not a cure for PEM/PESE, it is an effective management strategy. Pacing and energy conservation approaches need to be individualized for each patient. This video covers how therapy providers can use biofeedback pacing, task analysis, activity logs, and heart rate variability tracking to assist patients with pacing to reduce their symptoms.

See the full webinar from Bateman Horne Center and Amy Mooney, MS ORT/L, and Clayton Powers, DPT

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