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Webinar: Navigating career & life transitions with chronic illness

By March 17, 2021May 11th, 2023Events & Webinars

From Body Politic:

On October 4th, 2020, Body Politic admin Alison Sbrana spoke with Clinical Rehabilitation Counselor Dr. Julie Hill about her expertise, what advice she has for Covid patients, and popular questions that have arisen amongst our support group members.

Watch Here

About Dr. Julie Hill, PhD: Dr. Hill earned her master’s degree in career counseling and her PhD in Counselor Education with an Emphasis in Rehabilitation. Her dissertation focused on career transitions caused by chronic illness. She is an assistant professor in the Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling program at Auburn University. Her research focuses on quality of life, coping, adaptation, and adjustment to chronic illness and disability, as well as career development, career transitions, and employment concerns for individuals living with chronic illness and disabilities. In addition to these areas, Dr. Hill has knowledge and experience with work and school accommodations due to disability and chronic illness. She also lives with multiple chronic illnesses herself.

About Body Politic: Body Politic is a queer feminist group based in New York City, NY exploring the intersections of health and social justice. After 60% of Body Politic’s core team became sick with COVID-19, they created a global support group for people struggling with the virus. Since their launch, they’ve had over 16,000 people sign up to join the group, which is housed on the Slack platform to accommodate 24/7 chat and allow for small discussion channels based on community or topic. The Body Politic COVID-19 Support Group consists of people from all over the world who are experiencing symptoms or are recovering from COVID-19. Their patient-led research team released a report from their first survey which received international attention, and they are actively working on a second phase of research now. Body Politic’s COVID-19 support group and COVID community resources were created to help people living with COVID-19 connect with one another, and make the conversation about our current health crisis more inclusive of those battling the virus.

Join the Body Politic COVID-19 support group here:

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