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Support Groups and Mental Health Resources

By June 18, 2021September 7th, 2023Caregiver Support, Mental Health Help

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, you can call 988 to immediately be connected to a mental health counselor for free and receive referrals for whatever resources you need, available 24/7 year-round.


Blooming Magnolia

Blooming Magnolia Network: Blooming Magnolia’s mission is to empower others by providing a platform to strengthen & protect mental health and support those afflicted with Long-Covid through education and funding of therapeutic research. To join, click here.


Bateman Horne Center

Virtual Support Groups: Both of the monthly support groups are designed to include people with ME/CFS, FM, Long COVID, and co-existing conditions. The first 30-minutes will focus on a predetermined topic followed by general discussion for the last half of the hour. We also welcome supporters and loved ones. Advance Registration is required, so click here for a complete schedule.


Alia Health

Warrior Circles Community Events: Every Wednesday from 9-9:30 AM PT, Alia Health hosts a live video support group for patients living with Long COVID. In this virtual circle, we come together in a safe, intimate, and supportive space to share stories and connect with one another. Sign up here.


Long COVID Support

Facebook Group: Connect with over 50,000 people living with Long COVID and associated conditions around the world. This private, international groups offers peer-to-peer support, hosted and managed by and for patients and caregivers. Join here.


COVID-19 Longhauler Advocacy Project

State-specific Support Chapters: LCA co-founder C19LAP’s mission is advocacy, education, and support. They host chapters and advocacy teams for every U.S. state, with additional chapters for special populations like pediatrics/teens, healthcare workers, veterans, educators, BIPOC, and caregivers. This is a safe place to talk with others about Long COVID, medical care and resources, legislation, community services, recognition, patient and provider education, gaslighting, self-advocacy, and more. Click here to find your chapter.


Dysautonomia International

Virtual and In-Person Support Groups: LCA partner Dysautonomia International hosts virtual and in-person support groups and meetings for people with POTS and other forms of dysautonomia. Chapters are available in all 50 states, plus international chapters, and offer special interest groups for veterans, parents, teens, LGBTQ, BIPOC, caregivers, and more. Click here to find your chapter.


American Chronic Pain Association

State-specific Support Groups: Here to provide support, validation, and education in basic pain management and life skills, as facilitated by group members themselves. ACPA groups do not focus on symptoms or provide treatment of any kind; rather, they are a means for people to share what they have learned and to encourage others to create more satisfying lives. Click here to find your chapter.


Caregiver Wisdom

Virtual Support Group: Created by LCA members, Caregiver Wisdom is an online venture helping caregivers of people with Long COVID, ME/CFS, and other related illnesses. By bringing together wisdom, resources, and community connection, caregivers can be supported, empowered, and less isolated.  Click here for caregiver-specific events.



Interest- or Location-specific Support Chapters: LCA partner MEAction offers virtual support groups for Long COVID, ME/CFS, and associated conditions across the United States, Canada, UK, and internationally. Chapters and affinity groups for special populations include caregivers, parents, seniors, veterans, BIPOC, pediatrics/teens, LGBTQ, healthcare providers, religious groups, ethnic groups, and more. Click here to find your chapter. 


Black COVID-19 Survivors

Virtual Support Group: Share you story or your family’s story and connect with others, find resources for recovery, and help reduce the spread of COVID infection. This group offers support to Black and African-American people, a community hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic during a time when racial and ethnic disparities and inequities in healthcare have detrimental effects on diagnosis and treatment. Join here.


Center for Chronic Illness

Chronic Illness Chapters: The Center for Chronic Illness promotes well-being and decreases isolation for those impacted by chronic illness through support and education​. Their online support groups are professionally-facilitated and offer psychoeducational tools for coping. All groups are based on Pacific Standard Time. All of our web-based support groups are free of cost, but in order to participate you need to sign up ahead of time. To see the full schedule, click here.

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